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What do some of the terms mean?

MoST interface: (above image) The interface that you access when you log in to the backend of your website. Also known as the admin area of your website.

Document: A document is another word for a web page, but you can also create a document to serve as an email, ezine or intranet page depending on the properties you choose.

Folder: Folders and sections contain and group your documents together in order to define the structure of your website. Folders are more commonly used than sections, and provide the features needed to support any standard area of your website.

Section: Sections are required when the area of the site requires enhanced properties such as user access restriction, databases, templates and style sheets that differ from the rest of the site, email forms, search forms, event streams and more.

Sub-folders and sub-sections: These are folders and sections that exist within other folders or sections.

Folder tree: The list of folders and/or sections in the left navigation area of your MoST interface.

Administrator: A MoST user who has been assigned permissions to perform any task in MoST. This person will also be able to change accessibility levels for other user accounts.

MoST user: Someone who can log in to the MoST interface. Can be used to refer to an administrator and all other user accounts.

Website visitor: Someone who visits your website and will not have access to the MoST interface.

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