The MoST content management tool stores all of your website's dynamic content in one easy-to-use online interface. Here you can edit, delete and grow your website with confidence.

To add a new page to your website you'll need to create a new document. You can add a variety of text, image, video, downloadable content and hyperlinks on to a web page, which will in turn help build your website's visitor engagement. See 'EDITOR' tab for help with adding content to your document.

An existing document can be found under the 'FILENAME' heading within a section or folder (see below image).

What do the headings that often appear next to ‘FILENAME’ mean?

Type: The kind of document it is. 'Web' is the most common type as it is a standard web page.

Owner: The person that created the document.

Created: Displays the date that the document was first created.

Modified: Displays the date that changes were last made to the document.

Reviewed: You can set a future date for the page to be reviewed on. You’ll be notified by email when the date arrives. Set a review date via the publishing settings.

MoST Content Management V3.0.8886